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3 English Men:

3 english men

4 Ages of Man

4 Ages of Man by Mayotte Magnus

I started my career by photographing the nearest to me, my little daughter, younger sisters, then enlarging my interest  to friends and occasional models. ”The Little Girl” won the 1st prize in the Ilford international competition in 1972 and “The Violin” won the 2nd. From 1973 I mostly photographed personalities for magazines and exhibitions. My neighbours in Kensington became the “3 English men” for the exhibition in the Institute of Contemporary Arts. “The 4 ages of Man” expresses the eternal feminine surrounded by the child, the adolescent, the business man and the old man with their different reactions to Woman.

Much of Mayotte’s work stems from the decade; the 1970s, when photography began to be sold at auction, to be collected seriously; when the Photographer’s Gallery was founded, when the Department of Film and Photography was begun at the National Portrait Gallery (it was later renamed the Photographs Collection) and when the Gallery exhibited Mayotte Magnus: Photographs of Women. It was a decade that shaped the way that photography is seen and Mayotte’s work was and continues to be part of that discourse. Her photographs taken with consideration, talent and aesthetic appreciation deserve to be considered as works of art.

— Clare Freestone, Associate Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery, London